Friday, January 8, 2010

190.8 Woke up to flurries

It is getting a little upsetting to be working out but seeing my weight go up. I am fighting real hard to not get depressed with all these things hanging over my head - makes for very dull writing if I do say so myself. Last night I started to list all the things I need to do into my IPhone - the one thing I hope to not lose, like I keep doing with the papers where I have my lists printed.

I had a training session yesterday and she worked my arms and legs hard - now my legs are sore. Note to self...after a workout drink lots of water it will help with the cramping. Then I went to a girlfriends for dinner and had a wonderful time. Of course I did not take a group picture but I got a couple good ones of my friend coping the baby scooch around the floor. I may use it to blackmail her if things ever get rough in my household.

I have some plans this weekend...finish the Christmas take down - which is almost done. Then I need to make my cards for the cardswap - it's due the 15th and of course I am waiting till the last minute.

My daughter informed me she has a full time job and will be getting benefits in March - I am so happy. I have worried about her for so long because without medical it is scary. No other news to share - wow I lead a boring life. haha

Peace to you all.

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