Thursday, January 14, 2010

187.4 Thurs.

Well, the weight is going back down but slowly. After a couple of months at the gym I would think I would start to notice a difference. Others say they do-but I don't and my clothes don't fit any different. Oh well, it a part of my life now so I am not complaining.

We had our Woman's Club meeting last night and we are going to do a new fund raiser in the fall (Nov.) - a game show. I said I would be in charge of Consessions - ugh, Wayne will kill me one day for volunteering - but no one else was, plus it does sound like fun. I even felt like one of those old ladies as I was at the meeting knitting - I just need to take advantage of all my time if I hope to accomplish all that I hope to do. I talked to the ladies I work with and we have agreed on who we will give it to. Two of my friends want to take a knitting class at the High School but it is on a night when I have my trainer so I can't. I can knit - just don't really know how to pearl and if I have a question there are ladies at church who can help me. I also found out last night that there is a knitting group at the library - will have to look that info. up.

Having a meeting at work to get some art therapy into the building - hope that goes well.

Haiti - I feel so bad for all those people. I hope they get world support like we did (from most countries - there were a few who decided to stick their heads in the sand) with 9/11. I am adding them all to my prayer list - as I hope all of you do.


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