Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Over the weekend I really slipped. I just have such a hard time being in groups and not eating. Fri. I went to a fund raiser in Danbury and then scrap booking with friends. We had munchies there - so of course I had some. Sat. I went to the WC luncheon and then a fund raiser dinner - both had wonderful meals so I over ate. Sunday we went to friends to watch football and of course I couldn't keep my face out of the chips and dip. Ugh - it's so frustrating. When I got up Mon. my weight was 187.4, Tues. was 186.2 and today was 186.6. I don't understand today because yesterday I ate right and walked for an hour. I am trying so hard not to get discouraged because I don't want to give up. I just want to lose 10 pounds and then I will go onto more of a maitance program and hopefully then I will learn how to monitor my eating.

I have an all day inservice today and then book club tonight. Still have no idea what my costume will be because all my free time has been consumed with reading the final Twilight book - I'm 1/2 now. It is keeping my face in the book - should do that instead of eating. haha

Blessings everyone.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Almost 10 pounds

183.4 this morning. I'm almost to my first goal and I am so excited. Finally I found something that is keeping me on track. Once a week we do weigh-in at work also - doing the Biggest Loser and with my clothes on I was 183.8 I'm not proud of my weight but I am so glad to see it is finally going down and having used the yoyo method for years. I lost 5.4 since last week. It hasn't been easy for me as I am a junk food junkie but I think seeing the results on the scale is helping me. I wish I could see it more on the body but I realize that I have done years of damage and it isn't just going to go away overnight. Yesterday I had pizza with some of our Residents at work so I'm not going to totally deny myself some treats now and then - just need to keep it in moderation.

We didnt' have Book Club last night so I had a nice quiet evening at home with Wayne and I totally loved it. I miss spending time with him. We watched Land of the Lost with Will Farrell and Drag Me to Hell. I started to watch another movie but of course it has scratches so I couldn't watch - keep freezing.

Busy day at work and then have a scrapbooking party to go tonight. Hope to get home early so I can just cuddle with Wayne and read - didn't realize that WWW Book Club is Mon. and I'm not even 1/4 done with our book.

Happy day everyone.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tues. - Twilight

This morning the scale read 184.4. I think I need a new scale, though my scale is new because it always changes. I have to weigh myself a few times to get a weight that comes up more than once. Think I'll get a new battery and try that. I stepped on my old scale and it looks like it was saying 192 but it's too hard to read - those are tiny lines.

Today we are having an Alz. expert come to the the facility and check out the Dementia unit -will be interesting to hear what she has to say.

Book Club tonight - Twilight. I have to figure out a costume when I get home. I did finish the book but didn't realize how quick the discussion was coming up. I did love the book and still have to read book 4 once I finish up our WWW Club book.

Good day everyone.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I'm so disappointed in myself the scale read 186. I had bread last night and some salmon - guess I had too much. I just can't go backwards - I need to go forwards. I don't like eating downstairs at work becasue everyone just talks about how unhealthy my diet is and I think I keep that in the back of mind and cheat when I can. I need to stop because I've made progress and I want to be thin and healthy again.

I think I'm getting a cold because I feel very rundown. Yesterday I left work with a major headache and today I just feel so blah. I have a busy day so there is not time to whine about it. haha

Wayne is off because he worked Sat. He gets to sleep in - ugh so unfair. :) Last night we went shopping with our $100 gift card - boy the store is expensive we spent $150 and didn't even have a full cart.

OK world I'm ready for you. Blessings everyone.

Monday, October 19, 2009

1st week.

My little cheating all weekend finally caught up with me and I gained .2 pounds this morning - I weighed in at 185.4. Have to get back on track and keep moving forward. I don't feel so bad because I have heard of people who cheat and gain 3 pounds all at once. I'll try to get more walking in at work and do some after work. I asked Wayne to bring the treadmill into the downstairs and we both want to do that in the morning.

Yesterday we watched football and the kids came home to celebrate Wayne's birthday. It was a good day but I still don't want to go to work.

Blessed day.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

185.4 More weight loss and I'm loving it. Last night I cheated so again I was surprised that I lost. We went to the MIA/POW fundraiser dance and we had a blast. We danced the whole night and there were too many munchies on the table for me to resist - but I limited myself. I did just drink water and made sure I did dance to help eat some of the calories I was eating.

Today we are going up to our friends Mike and Debbie's to watch the Patriots Game.

We woke up to a cold rain - ugh, winter is coming.

Yesterday a friend game me this cool stand with drawers so I can now organize my papers and rubber stamps - love getting free useful things.

Blessed day everyone.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day 6

Weigh in was 186.2 - amazing. We had our friends Paul and Paula F. over for dinner. I ate but did not gorge myself - but I must admit I loved eating. I was worried about gaining weight so to actually lose amazed me.

We had a great dinner last night - it amazes me how we don't make time for our friends and family.

The weather turned out beautiful today. I met Kim S. for coffee and we talkd Veterans. I started to decorate the house for Halloween, will finish tommorrow as tonight Wayne and I are going to the VFW POW dance fundraiser.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Day 5

Yesterday we had snow - what a crazy day. It was also Wayne's birthday and I was such a good wife I went to make cards so he could enjoy a bottle of wine by himself.

Today the scale said 186.8. I am really getting tired of the no selection, but the worst part is people telling you how bad 500 calories a day is for you. I'm glad I have Theresa to bounce things off of or I would really go crazy.

We had friends over for dinner and I ate. It was great but now I'm nervous that I gained weight. I don't care if I broke even but it will kill me if I gained, but it was worth it. Because of the snow last yesterday they cancelled the Pumpkin Fest for tomorrow. yea, I can sleep in. Then I'm meeting Kim for coffee and to discuss my ideas for Veterans.

Night all

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day 4

This morning's weight was 188.6, so not a full pound - but that is ok. I think I need to keep up with drinking all the water - I didn't yesterday and I'm getting bound up. At work we are doing the Biggest Loser and I lost 3.8 pounds since last Thursday. I'm not as hungry as I was but my rough time is still around 4.

I had a Woman's Club meeting and I was nervous on how I would do but I was fine. I brought my one piece of Melba toast and strawberries. I drank some water but couldn't drink it all as I didn't want to get up to use the I do know my limits. I volunteered to head up Veterans as Kim is no longer able to do that.

Today is Wayne's birthday and he wants nothing...wants to do my gift to him will be a clean house when he gets home. So after my Dr. appt. (to check my kidney stones) it's off to clean, clean, clean before I go to card making.

Have a blessed day.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

3rd day and still trucking

Last night I went to the most exciting home I have been to in a long time. My friend Ruth owns a business Hygeia ( and she recently moved it to a new office. I could just feel all the energy there from the land. There were so many cute rooms, it was hard to not fall in love with it. The land itself was so full of life and I know she is just going to find all kinds of interesting trinkets.

The diet - I'm not on a diet, I've decided on changing my life and starting with my eating habits. Everytime I tell someone I'm on a diet it puts a negative taste in my mouth and this change of life is hard enough for me as it is. My hunger time is between 3-6 and with it being cold it makes it even harder. I'm seeing just how much I rely on food so this is a really growing time for me. I did eat squash last night which is not on my list but I have to break the rules a little or I'm going to end up cheating a lot. I did not add butter. The scale this morning said 189.4, so it was down - not complaining. I have Woman's Club meeting tonight so I am a little nervous on how I'm going to do - but I just have to do it.

Stay tuned, hopefully I'll add some more cards here soon. Keep making your own life experiences.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Survived the first day, now on to the second

Well, I ended up buying a new scale because I had trouble reading our old one. I did lose some weight but can't tell exactly how much - but now I went digital so we'll see tomorrow it works. Today it read 192.4 - thus I know I did lose something but not positive how much. Everyone is telling me I'm going to be starving myself, but I remind them I won't eat this little forever and it's all healthy so no sugar and junk. It was very hard yesterday at about 3:30-5:30. I had to go shopping and of course all I could do was think of food. Last night Wayne and I proportioned a lot of the food so I could just pack a lunch and go. Keeping up with the drops. Hopefully today will be even easier - I have read and heard that you really aren't hungry after a few days, that has always been my problem so lets hope it works. I was so tired last night that after shopping and eating I did go to bed, still tired tonight but just need to remember "mind over matter". Figured with all the shopping I got my exercise yesterday so will try walking today with Elaine - she's always up for a good walk. Marcia is doing this diet with me at work - so we can motivate each other.

Monday, October 12, 2009

New diet

Well, I've decided to use the blog as my personal watcher. I'm starting a new diet today - the HCG Protocol. Basically you take HCG drops and eat 500 calorie diet for 6 weeks. You are expected to lose about 1 pound a day. I am hoping this will jumpstart my life into getting in shape. I am going to modify it a bit as I will continue to take my vitamins and supplements - so we'll see if this screws things up for me. So my weight today was 193 - I'm going to weigh myself every morning and record it here. I'm hoping the shame of having the World being able to read this will keep me on the straight and narrow. I guess this could be a testament to the product or my lack of self control. Mornings will not be hard for me as I never used to eat problem time is after work till I go to bed...wish me luck.

Over the weekend Wayne and I went to see Couple's Retreat - with Matt, it was funny. Yesterday we went to friend's to watch the Patriot's game and were so disappointed that Patriots and Red Sox lost - it was ugly in my house last night.

I am still reading the 3rd Twilight book and got to the 1/2 way point last night. I'm hoping to finish this up before the new book comes for my church group book club - I can't read more than one book at a time as some can.

Have a great day all.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Windy day

Well, have decided to bite the bullet and order some SU paper - I should just sell the stuff and get the discount but I can already hear Wayne's voice in the back of my head - "Kathy, seriously, another thing." Oh well.

I had to take one of our Residents to the Aqua Turf today - it was not fun having to drive the van in the wind. Couldn't wait to get back home. Getting anxious for a play date - so will try to find something interesting to attend.

Hope everyone had a great day - see you tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Get Well Card

This was going to be a sympathy card but the paper was too cheery. This was my first swap on Splitcoast Stampers - will update you all on how it was received.
Today was the first day back to work after a few days off - was so tired I had to take a nap when I got home. Not funny - really.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Was able to figure out how to add the card. The other side of my spinner has a EEK cutout with a bat. I really had fun making this card.

I found a website on-line (thanks Diane) for card swapping and such. I joined my first swap and I'm just waiting to see if all the cards need to be the same or different - we need to make 6 of them and they need to include a heart. This should be fun - I'll keep you updated.

Brandi and I went out to lunch together, which is always a treat for me. I thought I would never be the mom who would miss her kids but I sure do. Matt came home for a couple hours last night and it was great.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

New Day

Today I worked on finishing up my Halloween cards. I'm still so new at this so it takes me time to come up with a card that I really like and will make more than one of. I did figure one out. It has a spin window and is really cute - if I do say so myself. Of course my camera battery is dead now so after I charge it tomorrow I'll try and take a pic and see if I can post it here.

Besides that the Pats and Red Sox won. Tony Stewart won and I started to read Eclipse - what a great day.

Finished watching friend's dogs so now life is back to normal.

I have tomorrow off so I am going to try to come up with a cool card to use form pages of an old book - not sure what I want to do but I'm sure I'll figure something out.

Tata for now.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

I'm Back

I know I have been gone from the blogging world for so long - it's like starting over again - and I was not here to long the first time...but here's to the future.

I'm getting really into scrapbooking and now rubber stamping. As soon as I figure out how to use the scanner - the printer part of it works but we can't get the scanner working I will post pics and get this party started.