Friday, October 16, 2009

Day 5

Yesterday we had snow - what a crazy day. It was also Wayne's birthday and I was such a good wife I went to make cards so he could enjoy a bottle of wine by himself.

Today the scale said 186.8. I am really getting tired of the no selection, but the worst part is people telling you how bad 500 calories a day is for you. I'm glad I have Theresa to bounce things off of or I would really go crazy.

We had friends over for dinner and I ate. It was great but now I'm nervous that I gained weight. I don't care if I broke even but it will kill me if I gained, but it was worth it. Because of the snow last yesterday they cancelled the Pumpkin Fest for tomorrow. yea, I can sleep in. Then I'm meeting Kim for coffee and to discuss my ideas for Veterans.

Night all

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