Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Over the weekend I really slipped. I just have such a hard time being in groups and not eating. Fri. I went to a fund raiser in Danbury and then scrap booking with friends. We had munchies there - so of course I had some. Sat. I went to the WC luncheon and then a fund raiser dinner - both had wonderful meals so I over ate. Sunday we went to friends to watch football and of course I couldn't keep my face out of the chips and dip. Ugh - it's so frustrating. When I got up Mon. my weight was 187.4, Tues. was 186.2 and today was 186.6. I don't understand today because yesterday I ate right and walked for an hour. I am trying so hard not to get discouraged because I don't want to give up. I just want to lose 10 pounds and then I will go onto more of a maitance program and hopefully then I will learn how to monitor my eating.

I have an all day inservice today and then book club tonight. Still have no idea what my costume will be because all my free time has been consumed with reading the final Twilight book - I'm 1/2 now. It is keeping my face in the book - should do that instead of eating. haha

Blessings everyone.

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