Thursday, November 22, 2007

New Play Date

There will be an Open House this Wed. at The Basket Shop and The Carriage Barn in Gaylordsvill, CT. Please let me know if you plan to attend.

The countdown has begun. I have 3 classes let of each subject - I am close to the end that I can taste it.

We had a nice Thanksgiving Day - blessings to you all. Wayne and Matt had to leave about 5 PM for a soccer tournament in NJ. Now Brandi and I are watching Hairspray - very cute.

Tomorrow is Black Friday and I am going to try and be up for the mad dash.

Till next time....peace, Kathy

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Survived Mid-terms

Well, I passed my two mid-terms with flying colors and I'm just so grateful that they are over. I got a 93 in Sociology and 100 in American Years of American Music - shocker for both. I also joined Phi Theta Kappa - after struggling so long I'm proud of myself - of course that and $1 will get me a cup of coffee. haha I've signed up for next semesters classes - 6 of them. I pray none of them get dropped because I need them all except the fun one that I am taking just to give me full time status. Yoga, Ballroom Dancing, Lit & Comp, Medical Terms, Basic Math (need a refresher course) and the fun one...Crime Scene Re-enactment!

The weather has cooled right down and all the leaves are off the trees - sad. It was pretty around here. Now I drive to class and it is already dark - so depressing. I'm getting ready to gear up for Christmas....yea.