Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Survived the first day, now on to the second

Well, I ended up buying a new scale because I had trouble reading our old one. I did lose some weight but can't tell exactly how much - but now I went digital so we'll see tomorrow it works. Today it read 192.4 - thus I know I did lose something but not positive how much. Everyone is telling me I'm going to be starving myself, but I remind them I won't eat this little forever and it's all healthy so no sugar and junk. It was very hard yesterday at about 3:30-5:30. I had to go shopping and of course all I could do was think of food. Last night Wayne and I proportioned a lot of the food so I could just pack a lunch and go. Keeping up with the drops. Hopefully today will be even easier - I have read and heard that you really aren't hungry after a few days, that has always been my problem so lets hope it works. I was so tired last night that after shopping and eating I did go to bed, still tired tonight but just need to remember "mind over matter". Figured with all the shopping I got my exercise yesterday so will try walking today with Elaine - she's always up for a good walk. Marcia is doing this diet with me at work - so we can motivate each other.

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