Thursday, October 22, 2009

Almost 10 pounds

183.4 this morning. I'm almost to my first goal and I am so excited. Finally I found something that is keeping me on track. Once a week we do weigh-in at work also - doing the Biggest Loser and with my clothes on I was 183.8 I'm not proud of my weight but I am so glad to see it is finally going down and having used the yoyo method for years. I lost 5.4 since last week. It hasn't been easy for me as I am a junk food junkie but I think seeing the results on the scale is helping me. I wish I could see it more on the body but I realize that I have done years of damage and it isn't just going to go away overnight. Yesterday I had pizza with some of our Residents at work so I'm not going to totally deny myself some treats now and then - just need to keep it in moderation.

We didnt' have Book Club last night so I had a nice quiet evening at home with Wayne and I totally loved it. I miss spending time with him. We watched Land of the Lost with Will Farrell and Drag Me to Hell. I started to watch another movie but of course it has scratches so I couldn't watch - keep freezing.

Busy day at work and then have a scrapbooking party to go tonight. Hope to get home early so I can just cuddle with Wayne and read - didn't realize that WWW Book Club is Mon. and I'm not even 1/4 done with our book.

Happy day everyone.

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