Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I'm so disappointed in myself the scale read 186. I had bread last night and some salmon - guess I had too much. I just can't go backwards - I need to go forwards. I don't like eating downstairs at work becasue everyone just talks about how unhealthy my diet is and I think I keep that in the back of mind and cheat when I can. I need to stop because I've made progress and I want to be thin and healthy again.

I think I'm getting a cold because I feel very rundown. Yesterday I left work with a major headache and today I just feel so blah. I have a busy day so there is not time to whine about it. haha

Wayne is off because he worked Sat. He gets to sleep in - ugh so unfair. :) Last night we went shopping with our $100 gift card - boy the store is expensive we spent $150 and didn't even have a full cart.

OK world I'm ready for you. Blessings everyone.

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