Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day 4

This morning's weight was 188.6, so not a full pound - but that is ok. I think I need to keep up with drinking all the water - I didn't yesterday and I'm getting bound up. At work we are doing the Biggest Loser and I lost 3.8 pounds since last Thursday. I'm not as hungry as I was but my rough time is still around 4.

I had a Woman's Club meeting and I was nervous on how I would do but I was fine. I brought my one piece of Melba toast and strawberries. I drank some water but couldn't drink it all as I didn't want to get up to use the I do know my limits. I volunteered to head up Veterans as Kim is no longer able to do that.

Today is Wayne's birthday and he wants nothing...wants to do my gift to him will be a clean house when he gets home. So after my Dr. appt. (to check my kidney stones) it's off to clean, clean, clean before I go to card making.

Have a blessed day.

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