Monday, January 11, 2010

189 Weekend over and time for work

I didn't blog yesterday because I woke up a little late and had to get to church. During coffeehour I took orders for Serve and then we had a Prayer Shawl meeting - of course I brought nothing with me so I talked while everyone else did their knitting/crocheting. It was rather peaceful to sit there and here the clicking of the needles.

Then I went to my friend Marilyn's and we made homemade ravioli and it was great. I picked it up rather quickly and did enjoy myself. Who would have ever thought that pasta could be beautiful, but they were folks.

I had to run and do a little shopping at Michael's and then I came home to make dinner. Wayne had gone to the Patriot's game and since they lost I figure he needed a little pick me up. I thought dinner was great but he didn't seem overly enthused - Matt did so that made me feel good. I even had leftovers, which I save a little for Brandi and have the rest for lunch. I ran Matt up to his friend's because he is leaving with a small group early in the morning for Miami, FL. It was snowing there the other day so I'm not as jealous as I would have been. (I really am the worst mom as they kids had always said when they were little.)

I had to make some cards for a swap so I did that last night - will post the pictures at my next blog. It was a whatever you want to stock up on swap - I did a baby card and a sympathy card. I am quite pleased with the sympathy card and that is something I am always looking for the perfect thing of. I finished at 1 am - can't believe that...but it's true.

Sat. I worked at church, shopped (got my new Simplicity Simple sewing machine) and finished with the Christmas decorations. The boxes are still all over - it's Wayne's job to put them away, plus he has to take down his Christmas Village (which is growing quite large). We then went to friend's for dinner and a hot tub soak. So I didn't get 1/2 the things done this weekend that I was hoping to. I will have to try and squeeze it in over the week.

Wayne and I have a date next Sat...yea. Peace, love and joy everyone.

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