Tuesday, January 5, 2010

187.6 Day 2 - starting to get organized.

Well, it is official...I hate mornings. Why is it that when we have to go to work we have to drag ourselves out of bed but when we have the day off we are up and ready to go earlier than we need to be up. Ugh.

Yesterday I did move in the direction of organizing myself, after of course I went to the gym. I swear the treadmill that I was working on did not read my heartrate correctly so it was making me work twice as hard as I needed to - my legs kept cramping during the night. Of course I know I didn't help that because I didn't drink enough water - water really is the basis of life. So anyway - what I did yesterday. I organized all my cross-stitch patterns, this is something I have avoided for years. I put them in categories and threw out some that I know I will never do. I still have a ton that I will never do but they fit the "maybe they will get done" so I kept them. I also sat down and checked all the Christmas Cards we got and made sure I had the updated addresses and threw out the envelopes. Now I will go through the cards and see if they can be reused to make labels, gift tags or cut up for other crafts. Doesn't seem like I did much but I was up past 1 am - so I am beat now -but have to keep moving forward.

I work with my trainer today so I need to get a move on. Hope everyone has a wonderful day and see at the blog tomorrow.

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