Thursday, January 7, 2010

190 Not my best morning

Well, I've lost my mojo and positive energy - so I will really have to work at it to get it back. Wayne and I were talking last night and I can't go into details yet - but I think I will soon. Neither of us is sick or anything like that.

I am joining the VFW, went to a meeting last night and filled out the paperwork. I am very passionate about Veterans and am doing this in honor of my dad - though he wasn't a Veteran he was in the Fire Department and our town doesn't have a Ladies Aux. as part of our Fire Dept. so this is the next best thing.

Had a great day at work. I did not work out as I had the VFW meeting but did take down more of our decorations. I will try to grab some of the outdoor ones today as we are expecting more snow tomorrow morning. I did put up the winter curtains in the Dining Room and hopefully that will help keep the house heated. Tonight I am also going to a friend's for dinner, there will be a group of us, it won't be too late. I will be working out first.

Even my writings are boring so I need to spice things up a bit. It is still hard to get up in the morning - I'm doing a little better but not much. Ugh - mornings are one of my weaknesses - just like my abs. haha

Pleasant day everyone.

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