Tuesday, January 12, 2010

188.8 Tues. and I just want to crawl back to bed

I am a TV junkie. I had so many things I wanted to get done last night but all I did was veg in front of the TV and went to bed early. I am still exhaused and really just want to crawl back in bed and crash for about another hour. I have to really push myself today. I was tired yesterday but did go to the gym - granted I only did a 1/2 hour - I just didn't have the energy. I just have too much to do today, can't sleep in.

Yesterday I mailed out my swap cards - took pictures and will try to remember to download them tonight. I did sign-up for another swap (pink/brown and black/pink). Wayne got the big boxes of Christmas put away so now we just have the Village to take down and I'm sure we'll keep finding the little things.

I had called about a part-time job, not sure if anything will come from it - but I do need to keep looking. There must be things out there for the evening and weekends.

Peace to everyone...

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