Tuesday, October 9, 2007

We all need a break...

Last night I watched again the documentary Crazy, Sexy Cancer. It was written by and stars Kris Carr, who is an amazing person. I had the pleasure of meeting her last month. She is a vibrant and beautiful woman who has cancer. I swear if you saw her you would never believe it but as you watch C,SC you see where she gets her determination from. This film was on the Discovery Health Channel and should be airing again. As some of you know I lost my dad to lung cancer 5 years ago the 17th of this month. I swore I would live life to its fullest. Then things kept putting restraints on life and I was so busy I wasn't taking time to "smell the roses". This film gave me the kick in the butt to remind me to enjoy life...not just live it. I have a very busy life but I do make sure to take time for myself...not as much as I should...but I will. Right now the 3 classes are taking up much of my time but they will not last forever.

I changed my blog name today because it's my new motto...Keep making. A strange title I know but there are many things I want to keep making...memories, friends, money, play dates, crafts, etc. It is the craziest time of my life, yet I have so many dreams and goals...I can't wait to get started on them.

I am looking into a new small business. I fell into it really...but I always believe God will give us the answers that we need and we just need to take what He offers and runs with it. Anyway, for one of my classes I needed to do an informational speech. I decided to show the class how to make cards...so I took some pictures with my camera. Once they were developed I had the class glue them to the front of cardstock. I was showing a friend them and she said they were good enough to place in her shop....so I did and I actually sold one. The person who bought the card said I should definately sell them...so this may be my new venture. I am by no means a photographer so it is really a blessing that any of my pictures are good enough for anyone else to want.

Tata for now...see you at the next blog.


Diane said...

Hi Kathy, I didn't realize you were bloggin. I love your blog. I want to see your cards!!!! What store do you have them in?

I will link to your blog from mine. How did you get your picture on the blog. I couldn't get mine to work.

Hope to see you soon....keep blogging!


Obsessedwithlife said...

Your cards sound neat! You should put them on the blog :).