Sunday, September 14, 2008

Classes have begun

Matt at WestConn 9/13/08
It's so hard to believe that, that time of year has started again. I'm taking 5classes but 3 are on-line, thank goodness for on-line classes. So far so good - but it is only the end of week 2.

I've gotten involved w/a new fund raiser. It's against domestic violence. It is happening at Joe's in New Milford, CT on Oct. 2nd. Anyone wanting more info. let me know.

My mom's surprise party is coming along great - my little party has turned into quite a big deal, I mailed out 57 invitations.

Went to watch Matt's soccer game last night and he played - photo. It was so exciting to watch him - he truly is a young man now.

Brandi is now settled into Saratogo Springs, NY. She has a job working full time as a manager of a hair salon. I'm looking forward to going out to meet her and see what her place is like

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